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Netinstall via bridge

Hi list,

I plan to do a netinstall on a new laptop (Acer AS3960). There's
internal wifi, and I have an Atheros PC card, but I have to assume
that neither will be supported during installation. Ethernet directly
into my gateway / router /wireless AP ('molly') is inconvenient
because of the physical locations of the equipment. My current Debian
(Sid) machine ('lucy') connects wirelessly to 'molly' via an Atheros
PCI card supported by Madwifi.

The following two solutions occur to me:

A) Ethernet from the laptop (via crossover or a spare switch) to
'lucy' and bridge the wireless and wired interfaces on 'lucy'. IIUC,
this will put the laptop on the wireless network, enabling it to
configure itself via dhcp (from the dhcp server on 'molly') and then
access the internet via 'molly' just like the other machines that are
directly connected to 'molly'.

B) As 'A', but instead of configuring a bridge, just set up apt-proxy
or apt-cache on 'lucy.

My questions: Is my understanding in 'A' correct? Is there a better
way of doing an install under these conditions?


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