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Re: After Sarge->Etch update: Computer doesn't boot. Wife unhappy.

On (29/01/07 09:57), Dan H. wrote:
> Zach wrote:
> > Do you research der physik? Maybe you installed a new kernel or before
> > you did not use initrd and now it is expecting to find the initrd
> > entry in your boot loader but you don't have it. Try a rescue disk and
> > then mount your root filesystem with chroot. Also can try at boot
> > prompt "root=/dev/hda2" for example where your root partition lives.
> Like I said, it sometimes works and sometimes fails. So there can't be
> anything systematically wrong.

Sounds as though it could be a module loading problem.  Look in
/etc/modules and make sure any disk modules such as ide_disk
ide_core etc. are in there.  To check which modules are relevant, when
the system is up and running try:

$ cat /proc/modules

look in there for all the disk related modules and put them in



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