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Re: Debian, Iceweasle, Firefox!

On Saturday 27 January 2007 09:55, Piotr Dziubinski wrote:
> Only Etch supports amd64, so I was forced to use Etch.
> Command I have used:
> apt-get install firefox
> apt-get install iceweasel
> I knew exactly what I was doing, because my friend told me that there
> will be no longer firefox in debian, instead of it will be iceweasel,
> so I was curious what  will  happen  after typing:
> apt-get install firefox

So you knew iceweasel would be replacing firefox, had every reason to 
expect it, and are upset because what happened was what you knew would 

Honestly, it sounds like you were warned, you knew what to expect, and 
are still upset because, even after being warned, you didn't expect it.  
It sounds like the guy who is told, "If you get that model car, it only 
comes with an automatic shift," you order it, hoping for a stick, get 
the automatic, then are upset because you're getting what you were told 
you'd get.

> There is no longer firefox in debian etch, so after typing:
> apt-get install firefox
> I would like to see announcement: Firefox packages are no longer
> present in debian distribution, please try iceweasel.

Did you try:

apt-cache show firefox

and see what info it gave you?

> Do you see a difference?
> I don't use aptitude, because I prefer command line.

I use aptitude on my servers from the command line, with no GUI, without 
even the curses GUI.  No problem.


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