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Re: Etch display problem

Default User <xyzzyx@sbcglobal.net>:
>  I just installed Etch Testing using the Netinst CD.  Upon bootup, the
>  GDM dialog box appears, X starts with a rapidly vibrating image, as
>  though trying to focus between two presentations of the same image,
>  about an inch apart.  Since I have seen this behavior previously in
>  Linux From Scratch on the same machine, I knew the quick fix is to do
>  (Alt) + (Ctrl) + (-) .  That seems to change (for the moment) the
>  resolution/refresh rate (but with a HUGE GDM login dialog box).  Then I
>  log in, the image is clear, with no vibration at (my) default 1024 x
>  768, 60 Hz.  FWIW, the machine is a semi-off brand '586, with ATI
>  graphics built into the main system board, and an off-brand S VGA monitor.

As root:

   dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

Select the resolution(s) you want, perhaps fiddle with bits per pixel
(bpp) values, try again.

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