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Re: SAMBA deletes folders in my home folder

On Tue, Jan 23, 2007 at 01:17:45AM +0100, Danesh Daroui wrote:
> I have installed SAMBA and it works fine. Each user with WinXP has its 
> own home folder and all printers all shared between all WinXP users. The 
> problem is when I create a folder in my shared folder and then restart 
> the server, my new created folder at my own home folder is gone. It 
> seems that SAMBA deletes all new created folder by WinXP users in their 
> home folders when the server is restarted. It sounds unusual since all 
> my data will be gone and therefore these folders for each user will be 
> practically useless. Is there something that I can change in SAMBA's 
> settings, so my new created folders and all files transfered to it will 
> be remain unchanged even when the server is restarted? I want to use it 
> as a backup server, so it should save all my files permanently.

your explanation is confusing.sounds like you have fileserver running
debian with samba and you have desktop with winxp, right? So you
create a folder using the winxp machine? but where is that folder
created? on the winxp's harddrive, but in the shared folder? or is it
created in some network share on the server? 

Also, you claim "SAMBA deletes all new created folder by WinXP users
in their home folders..." I find that hard to believe. That sounds
more like a windows problem.


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