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Re: Lost lots of volume suddenly - help?!

On Thu January 18 2007 08:50, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> Any suggestions on this one: I'm running ALSA (with ESD) and between
> turning my computer off yesterday and switching it on today, the
> output volume has been decimated.  I need to change the master volume
> and program output volume (in eg, xmms, alsaplayer) to close to 100%
> to hear anything, and then it starts squealing.
> I've checked the hardware - nothing obvious, and Windows (dual-boot
> machine) still seems to work fine, so I'm suspecting some software
> setting.
> I'm running testing (etch); any suggestions please?

xmms uses PCM (by default). If you used that to adjust your volume it'll 
adjust the PCM channel instead of master. That happened to me a while back 
and it took me a while to figure out what was happening. PCM shouldn't be set 
to more than (roughly 74%).

xmms can be configured to use master instead of pcm if desired.

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