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Re: how make the debian bootable

On 1/17/07, ann kok <annkok2001@yahoo.com> wrote:

1/ I install the debian and all programs in /dev/hda

Remember that /dev/hda is the entire device, not a partition on it.
You probably mean /dev/hda1.  However, I heartily recommend that you
use LVM instead.  I recommend that you do what I did and get the Etch
netinstall CD, burn it and boot it, and use that to set up LVM and
copy your system.

2/ then i put the new harddrive in /dev/hdc

It would probably be better to put the new hard drive in as /dev/hda
(or hd(0,0) as GRUB calls it).

3/ format, partition as hda and mount /dev/hdc

Again, use LVM for better future-proofing.

4/ using tar to copy all file system except /proc...
from the hda to hdc

Use rsync.  Read the man page first.  It will handle special
directories for you, and allow you to interrupt the process and
continue it later.  It's just better and more reliable.  I don't know
why you'd want to use tar instead.

5/ shutdown the computer, change ide cable (unplug the
hda, plug hdc to hda)

Again, you should probably put the new drive in as hda and copy the
data from the old drive as hdc.  (You should be booted from the CD, of
course, not hdc.)

In above steps, It should not need to change any
/etc/fstab or grub and it should be fast recovery

You WILL need to install GRUB using grub-install, as I believe has
already been mentioned in this thread.

I know I miss some steps about boot but not sure how
to do it.

Research as much as you can first, write down your steps in detail,
then try it.  Keep another computer handy if you can so you can get
online if you need to look something up.  However...

Any idea

Is that a question?  If so, it's not a very good one.  I suggest you
make extensive use of the man pages and information in /usr/share/doc.
Debian is very much a help-yourself system.  If you're willing to
read the docs, you can do it all yourself.  If you aren't willing to
read them, then you will most likely run into problems that you don't
know how to solve (without reading).  Maybe you could hire someone to
do it for you...

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