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Re: Debian Sarge install onto raid 5

On 16-jan-2007, at 15:49, Craig Schneider wrote:

Is it a good idea to install debian sarge onto soaftware raid 5?

Well, yes. Raid 5 is a good general choice for a general setup and software raid works just fine. Just don't know if your system is to be 'general' or will have more specialized needs, where balance would be more towards RW access (Raid 0) redundancy (LVM over raid 1) etc.

Keep in mind tho that linux cannot boot directly from raid 5, you'll need a separate /boot, I've got mine on a small raid 1 partitions on the 4 disks that comprise my raid 5 set. You might also use LVM on you raid patitions, so you can conveniently add more diskspace later.


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