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Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Mailing List Netiquette

Steve Lamb wrote:

> Along that same theoretical thread how does one unsubscribe from a CC
> list?  It is completely and utterly unacceptable to CC the OP unless it is
> requested.  Then, and only then, should one CC the OP and noone else in
> the the thread.

Even then, I would go the extra mile to *remove* CCs and ignore Reply-to
headers to on-topic threads, *only* sending responses to the list.  If it's
on topic, it belongs on the list (and if they're just being a
selfish 'tard, they should be hiring someone to work with them directly
instead of panhandling for one-on-one help from a list).

People really need to be more sensitive to the nuance when it comes to
this:  "Please CC me because I'm not on the list" usually comes across
as "I'm a whiny bastard who wants [personalized consulting|someone to do my
CIS homework] for free."

> By the same token I also feel that not all messages should go to the
> list. I know some people in the past have expressed the notion that all
> communication should go to the list so as to be properly archived for
> future searches.  However I fail to see how emailing someone in a heated
> discussion to point out that they're being a right and true jackass has
> any usefulness for public consumption.  Such missives broadcasted on the 
> list only serve to put the individual on the defensive while the same 
> message in private might get them to realize what they're doing and calm 
> down.   

Exactly.  If it turns personal (in either the positive "hey let's go grab a
beer sometime" sense, or the negative sense you describe, it's time to take
it off-list to private mail.

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