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Re: Swapping archives between similar debian PC?

dfp10@logical.net wrote:

> I have been trying to get the debian version of Ubuntu APTonCD to work
> on Debian 386 but with mixed results. I want to give the packages from
> my fast work internet connected PC to my slow connected home PC.
> Would it not be simpler to delete the /var/cache/apt/archives/ files
> and replace it with the same from the work machine?
> On first try it seems to work but I cannot be sure the resolving of
> dependedcies is working fully,
> Anybody have experience with this?

You're overengineering this one.  Try checking out apt-proxy, or use HTTP
sources, the same sources on all hosts, and use your network or your ISP's
caching proxy.  If a caching proxy is not available to you, I strongly
suggest setting one up for yourself as it will substantially reduce your
internet link's saturation and improve browsing speed, particularly on
slower sites employing stylesheets like Wikipedia.

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