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Re: Resolved: Change quota warning message?


On Thu, Jan 04, 2007 at 04:37:12PM -0800, HomeNet NW wrote:
> Never mind, everyone.  I figured it out.  My apologies for posting to the listserv.

great that you figured it out! So what was the problem? Someone else
may see your thread and be anxiously awaiting the resolution ...

>     >> Some of my users are getting emails every day that say "Your mailbox:
>     >> user@isp.com is ## full. Once your e-mail box has exceeded your
>     >> monthly storage quota your monthly billing will be automatically
>     >> adjusted." I thought this message was from Postfix, but I've searched
>     >> all of the configuration files and haven't found any reference to it.
>     >> I need to change the message because we do NOT charge our users for
>     >> going over their quotas--I just want to warn them so they'll clean
>     >> their stuff  off the server.
> > What mail server (e.g., Cyrus, Courier IMAP, etc) are you using to allow
> > the users access to their messages? It is likely that one that is
> > generating the message.
> Courier IMAP
>     >> Does anyone know where I would change the wording of this message? I
>     >> am not using VHCS, so the site you find through Google will not help.

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