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booting debian on powerpc

I'm hitting a deadend trying to install debian on an old powerpc currently running os 7. The computer runs ok as a mac os box and has networking installed so I've got internet and lan connectivity.

Following what I've found on the debian install pages and the Fine manual have created an iso image cd of the mini-iso but am unable to get the powerpc to boot from it. Have tried restarting with the 'c' key held down, and also rebooting with the cmd-option-shift-del keys held down; either way it boots os 7 from the hard drive.

The box has a floppy drive and the Fine manual explains that this may be the way to go but I don't see in the floppy section where it specifically says what to install on the floppies, and where to get the software to do that with.

Also if it is possible to start the installation over my network connection - have other debian boxes I could ssh to from that box - maybe that would be the easiest - or is it not that simple?

I'm new to macs so maybe it's just me. :)

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help with some much needed advice here.


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