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problem with dhcp and a special feedback...


with debian (i tried the latest net-install) - but also with a lot of other distros - i have a special problem: i can't get a dhcp-connection.
only with zenwalk there is (latest version 4) not the slightest problem.

i asked - very generally - them, what the differences could be that made the differences.
i got the following answers (copy of mail, my question is at the end):

begin citation:
Debian uses dhclient by default where Zenwalk (and Slack) use dhcpcd.
They seem to handle the dhcp protocol in a slightly different way (seems
there's yet another client - dhcdbd - out there needed for the Gnome
Network Manager that does it his way too).


Op donderdag 04-01-2007 om 00:57 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef
Jean-Philippe Guillemin:
> Hi,
> I don't know Debian enough to tell you what's really different in 
> Zenwalk regarding DHCP.
> The only thing I can tell you is a bit general : Zenwalk has a simple 
> design, inherited from Slackware, but more modern, and maybe even simpler.
> The simplicity often make the difference between something that works, 
> and the rest ...
> Cheers
> JP
> zuhans@mailpost.at wrote:
> > hello mr guillemin,
> >
> > its near a miracle: with your zenwalk-distro i have no problems with 
> > dhcp-connection.
> > only with opensuse (and there only with their second choice "ifup" and 
> > not with their networkmanager) i can get this experience too, but 
> > debian, several live-cds, belenix, bsd-distros... there is no 
> > connection at all.
> >
> > and zenwalk does it in a blinck of an eye.
> >
> > what do you do different to all the others? if it's no secret, please 
> > give me some information.
> > my laptop is a benq r55 joybook, i connect via ethernet to a 
> > cable-modem and through it to my provider (i live in austria).
> >
> > greetings
> > hans
> >
> >
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end citation

could this information be of some help? i would like very much to have the next debian on my laptop!


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