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Re: bad anti-aliasing; what thinks my CRT is an LCD display

Florian Kulzer wrote:
[ I accidentally sent this message when it was only half finished; here
  is the full text. Sorry for the noise. ]

On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 22:53:17 -0500, Daniel B. wrote:
Where is the configuration or auto-detection of whether a video display
device is a CRT or an LCD?
It seems that something thinks my display device is an
LCD panel, when actually it's a CRT.

Check the file .fonts.conf in your home directory. This is the stanza
to turn off RGB antialiasing:

 <match target="font" >
  <edit mode="assign" name="rgba" >

Thanks.  I'll try that.

Does fontconfig always assume (e.g., upon installation) that it should
do RGB antialiasing, or does it try to detect what kind of display I
have (e.g., by asking a lower level, say, the X11 server)?

Where is the display type supposed to be configured or autodetected?

... you can try different options for fontconfig
by running (as root)

dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config

I had tried that, but it didn't seem to be give my any options related
to antialiasing or the display type.


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