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Re: Where to go to learn about reducing electricity use?

On Tue, 02 Jan 2007 05:30:11 +0100, Bruno Buys wrote:
> reid,
> athcool saves both temperature and power. Its a very simple script,
> written for athlons.


That certainly sounds intriguing, but:

>  !!!WARNING!!!
>  Depending on your motherboard and/or hardware components, enabling
>  Athlon powersaving mode sometimes causes:
>  .
>   * noisy or distorted sound playback,
>   * a slowdown in harddisk performance,
>   * system locks or instability,
>   * massive corruption of the filesystem (observed at least once).

sounds pretty scary. Do you know how risky it is to actually use? I
looked up the spec on my processor (Athlon XP 1800+) and it only consumes
about 50 watts maximum; even if I could cut that by half on average that's
not a whole lot.


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