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Re: cli for iso files

> Let me get this straight, you want to use a WM that is less resource 
> hungry, but want an alternative to nautilus. You know you can install 
> nautilus and run it on any window manager right? 

You may be right about there not being a significant difference between one WM and/or desktop environment, and another, in terms of resource usage.  Still, I just wish to move away from the two big guys (KDE and Gnome), and try the little guys for a while (Fluxbox, Ion3 -- which I quite like, and xfce4).

Nautilus, I find, just seems to take over when I use it in a different desktop environment/window manager (ie, Fluxbox, etc).  It's been a while since I've used nautilus in another desktop environment; so, maybe nautilus doesn't affect other desktop environments in the way I remember.  But, once bitten, twice shy; so, I'm avoiding nautilus when I use other desktop environments.


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