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Re: cli for iso files

Mark Grieveson <dg135@torfree.net> wrote in

> Hello.  I'm looking for a command line iso cd-burner application to
> use instead of nautilus-cd-burner.  I tried the package burn, but it
> does not work.  I'm hoping to find one so that I can switch from using
> Gnome, to using a desktop that is less demanding of resources (hence,
> I'm also looking to use something other than gnome-baker or k3b).  For
> the most part I use Ion3, but I find that I still need to use Gnome
> for the burning of CDs (specifically iso).  
> Thanks,
> Mark

You could just use cdrecord for burning ISO images.  Here's a hint or 


The link has a whole bunch of command line goodness for doing a variety 
of stuff.

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