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Re: bridging eth1 to eth0

On 12/31/06, Kevin Ross <kross@statuspro.tv> wrote:

You got it half right.  Turning on ip_forward on the server is only one
piece.  The other piece is to set the client's default gateway to point to
your server, which is  You can set this via DHCP options, since
you have a DHCP server.

well, that I had done, in /etc/dhcpd.conf.  I htin the issue probably
had to do with routing & could have been fixed with iptables, b ut the
various internet sources I had pointed me in directions that led
nowhere.  ANyway I fixed my immediate need by modifying pxeboot files
so I could do thi  initial install without the internet; then went
back and upgraded after that.  So all's well, but I wish I'd figured
it out.  thanks to everyone,


-- Kevin

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