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grub doesn't worj on my primary drive...

Dear Debianists,

I installed Etch on my old Gateway 2000 PC. The slave drive is 13GB in size and Etch is parked on it.

The primary drive is a smaller 1GB drive with Windows 98 on it.

At the end of the installation I selected the option to put GRUB on the master disk as I remember it.

It didn't work properly because on booting I get an error from GRUB

GRUB 1,5
Grub fails (or something like that)
Error 18

I can't fire up Windows or Debian.

The BIOS sees both drives OK.

Smart boot manager can boot up Windows but it can't boot the Linux up.

If I use a rescue floppy etc what do I do with it?

I have never been able to do anything useful with rescue mode.

How would I use it to put GRUB on the slave disk (if that is a good idea) or make a boot floppy with GRUB on it that overrides looking on the primary disk and boots Debian for me?

Web pages on rescue mode use would be useful.

Suggestions welcome.

Michael Fothergill

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