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Re: Debian Installation

Chris Lale wrote:

> Danesh Daroui wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am an Ubuntu (Debian's kid) lover who has decided recently to port
>> some of my work on Debian. I have downloaded minimal CD of Debian's
>> latest version. Everything seems to go fine, but when the installation
>> is done, the X-Server can be run and the OS just stays in text mode
>> without GUI. There is also a log file which has been created after
>> several attempts to run X-Server but it is messy enough. Can anybody
>> help? Also, I feel very unconformable with KDE while I love GNOME, but
>> the Debian installer didn't ask me anywhere if I want GNOME or KDE. I
>> saw also that it has downloaded packages from both KDE and GNOME. How
>> can I specifically chose GNOME as windows handler?
>> Regards,
I had the same experience a week or so ago after doing a total reinstall of
my laptop with a freshly downloaded sarge netinstall cd.
I also chose the standard workstation selection from the installer.
Much to my surprise NOT ALL of the necessary X components where installed
I had to install keyboard, mouse, touchpad and the chip-specific xserver
At first baffeled, I did take the time to read the xserver log file line by
line, which quickly revealed the missing packages.
Install apt-get and use apt-cache search ...... to identify your missing
components. apt-get install ..... them.

Don't worry, even when installing kdm, gnome is by default littering your
screen in debian [It is obvious what my preference is or not! ;-) ]. 

Best regards

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