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Re: Debian Installation

Danesh Daroui wrote:
Hi all,

I am an Ubuntu (Debian's kid) lover who has decided recently to port some of my work on Debian. I have downloaded minimal CD of Debian's latest version. Everything seems to go fine, but when the installation is done, the X-Server can be run and the OS just stays in text mode without GUI. There is also a log file which has been created after several attempts to run X-Server but it is messy enough. Can anybody help? Also, I feel very unconformable with KDE while I love GNOME, but the Debian installer didn't ask me anywhere if I want GNOME or KDE. I saw also that it has downloaded packages from both KDE and GNOME. How can I specifically chose GNOME as windows handler?



AFAIR the installer uses Tasksel to install a desktop system including X and Gnome. You may have failed to choose the "desktop" task during installation. You can run it manually from the command line by switching user ("su") to root and running "tasksel". Make sure that the "Desktop" task is selected once you are in the ncurses interface with the blue screen.

   $ su
   (root password)
   # tasksel
   # exit


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