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Re: Sarge: name resolution weirdness

Carl Fink wrote:
On Sun, Dec 31, 2006 at 10:34:19PM -0500, Marty wrote:
Carl Fink wrote:
>So, do I hold the record for "questions debian-user can't answer"?

The broken link sounds like an issue for the maintainer to sort out. My guess is the name resolution with non-existent resolv.conf files is somehow related to virtualization.

Maintainer of which package?

Sorry, I was referring to resolvconf, which you removed by apt-get prior to discovering the broken link. The problem might be in the package's post-removal script, for example.

 Virtualization of what?

You mentioned using a "virtual server via Rimuhosting," which I am unfamiliar with, but my limited understanding of virtualization is that the NICs are "vitualized," i.e. replaced by software emulation in the virtualization server (or host server running multiple client virtual servers). This creates a "virtual LAN" within the host server wherein the IP functionality of a physical LAN is duplicated, and possibly DNS functionality as well. In doing so, it *may* override some of the networking settings of the individual virtual servers, but that's just a guess.


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