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CUPS - application software cant find CUPS


(Originally CUPS - software cant find) This is a re-issue of the same problem. I had no takers on the first round and am still having serious problems. I have tried everything in the debian mini HOWTO to no avail.

I have a 3 computer, plus linksys switch, home network. Two of the computers run Win2K and one uses Debian Linux (kernel 2.6.18 and Etch). One of the Win2K systems is acting as my print server. I use Samba on the Debian box to tie everything together. The network works fine. The CUPS installation on the Debian box prints test pages to the Win2k based HP 940C fine. Not one single piece of application software on the Debian box can find CUPS.

http://localhost:631 works fine.
Gimp cant find CUPS
Openoffice cant find CUPS
Iceape web browser cant find CUPS
Gnome CUPS Manager cant find CUPS

Some of these comeback with an error message and some just print to never never land.

lpstat and such commands return an "unable to connect to server" error. ps xaf indicates that Cupsd is running.

I've found a confusing assortment of answers on the web for other versions of Linux, none of which seem to apply to my problem, but no fix.

Any one got an idea. Help!!!


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