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Re: GUI and USB question

Hi Keath

Unfortunatly I can not help on every topic you mentioned.

 1st question is, how do I start the GUI (KDE, Gnome, whatever) that I
 assume is bundled with the distro?

Well, as far as I know you have to install these things first.
Type *dpkg -l kde-core* or generally *dpkg -l package* to see wether
you have installed these things. *ii kde-core...* means kde-core is installed.
Anything else means that you have to install it first.

Try some of the things Operator mentioned earlier in this list to install stuff
you need:
apt-get update
apt-get install x-window-system-core
apt-get install x-window-system
apt-get install gnome
startx // to start X-Window-Server

 2nd question, completely unrelated, is about when I plug in my USB
 memory stick. The OS spots it and seems to mount it, but I can't find
 the mount point. Where do I cd to in order to find my files that are
 on the stick?

In my opinion you have to mount it manually while using sarge. Check your */etc/fstab*-file
where you can mount this kind of devices. On my sarge there is one line like
*/dev/sda1 /usbstick auto user,noauto 0 0* this tells us that I can mount a memory-stick
by typing *mount /usbstick*.

As Linas mentioned you will be better off using Etch. Especially when it comes to USB you
will apreciate Etch much more since it uses a later kernel version[1].

Hope that helped.
Happy hacking.


[1] Maybe you can compile your on latest kernel under Sarge.

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