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GUI and USB question


Right, although I have quite a bit of experience as a Un*x software
developer, I am a total newb to GNU/Linux and sysadmin stuff in
general, so please bear with me.

I've completed my install of Debian v3.1r4 "sarge", from the
downloaded DVD images.  I reboot, and I'm at the familiar CLI login

1st question is, how do I start the GUI (KDE, Gnome, whatever) that I
assume is bundled with the distro?

2nd question, completely unrelated, is about when I plug in my USB
memory stick.  The OS spots it and seems to mount it, but I can't find
the mount point.  Where do I cd to in order to find my files that are
on the stick?

Oh, and one last one; I don't suppose anyone has the faintest idea how
to make the OS talk to a Hawking Technologies HWU8DD USB WiFi dish? If
not, I'll just get a cheapie WRT54GL and use that as a WiFi client,
but I guess it's worth asking first...

Thanks in advance,
http://www.bytebrothers.co.uk (not currently working)
PGP key ID 0xEB7180EC

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