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Re: Klamav & dazuko.o

David Baron wrote:
On Thursday 28 December 2006 12:44, andy wrote:
Hey all

I attempted to set Klamav up for auto-scanning and it keeps asking to
load a module called "dazuko.o". When it tries to load it, it can't nor
can it download it from the Net. Running a quick apt-cache search the
only program it is associated with Klamav and hence I can't find it. Any
ideas about what I am supposed to do with this?
apt-get install dazuko-source
m-a build dazuko-source
m-a install dazuko-source

1. Dazuku is a linux security module. This must be enabled in the kernel and 
is no longer the default. You will have to roll your own with
The same goes for realtime-lsm and such.
2. The last time I tried, Dazuko and realtime would not both load. Probably 
still the case. Dazuko documentation implies that it would if done in the 
right order. No go.

Hmm thanks for the info and the warning David. I may just hold off for a while and do the scans manually, big brave coward that I am!! :)


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