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..OT: Watch your snow load!


..I see reports on people stuck in snow in places like New 
One thing is getting stuck in snow on the road, there 
you "just" need watch out for tail pipe gases killing you, 
you either wanna stop in some wind blown place, where the 
snow and tail pipe gases are blown away, or combine the 
snow and your car into an "igloo."
And you don't want your "igloo" chewed up by some snow 
And you will need fresh air in your "igloo", or, the snow 
thrower won't matter. ;o) 
..need water? Melt some snow.
..in some house, motel, or airport terminal etc building? 
Make sure the people owning or running etc the joint, 
understands the snow loads on the roof. Collapse risk.
..dry fresh snow is lightweight, and only of concern if 
the roof has not been designed to carry it. Weigh it.
..wet snow can easily approach a ton per cubic meter, 
that's one meter deep snow on one square meter or 
"one meter each way", or 35 cubic feet, as in "over 
3 feet deep on 11 square feet."
..2 meters or 6 feet? If you're in a nuclear blast 
shelter, "no big deal," for any other kinda structure, you 
wanna check or remove the snow, or even evacuate people.
..snow load checks are easy, use a yard stick or somesuch 
and probe the depth, either "on the lawn" or on the roof, 
then put some snow in a box and weigh it, say on a bath 
room scale. 
..divide that weight by the box volume, and you have the 
snow density, should be in the 0.15 to 1 metric tonne per 
cubic meter range or 9 thru 63lb per cubic feet. Multiply 
that by your roof size and your probed snow depth, and you 
have your snow load.
..e.g: 25kg/(44cm*12in*250mm)
= approx. 745.64543(kg/m^3)
<> convert lb/ft^3
 745.64543(kg/m^3) = approx. 46.549124(lb/ft^3)
<> 46.549124lb/ft^3*12m*8m*40in
= approx. 160.33619klb
<> convert ton
 160.33619klb = approx. 72.727273t
..if you anywhere near doubt your roof can take 
those "extra" 73 tons, evacuate all the people under it, 
then remove those 73 tons of snow.

..med vennlig hilsen = with Kind Regards from Arnt... ;o)
...with a number of polar bear hunters in his ancestry...
  Scenarios always come in sets of three: 
  best case, worst case, and just in case.

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