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Re: How to change a gateway?

On Thu, 2006-21-12 at 16:07 -0800, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> are you talking about the public ip or the private, lan-side ip of
> this router? 
The gateway ip is referring the lan side of the router.

> I've never seen anything like this before. usually,
> /etc/network/interfaces is *MUCH* simpler. obviously you've got pppoe
> involved and maybe zeroconf. 

Yes. I'd love to know how this interfaces file got so screwed up.
No. There is no pppoe involved on the box. It's straight dsl with a
static IP. There's no zeroconf on the box - no man page, locate turns up
nothing and neither does apropos.

Question is should I delete that section from the file?
How much of it is needed for the dsl provider?

>  > You'll notice too that the lower iface section has a weird set of
> > addresses. They don't match the upper set (correct) for some reason.
> > Anyone know why that might be? Should I delete the lower section?
> > > All replies appreciated,
> > 
> that's a public IP address, I believe. Is this machine directly on the
> net and serving to the public? 

No. I don't like putting actual passwords, ips etc out on a list for
security purposes. This list is constantly groped by spammers and I
don't want my actual ips showing up for harvesting.  I just grabbed the address out of a book that was open on my desk as a
substitute. (Who would ever have a dotted quad that sequential?;) It's a
class B reserved address. In actual fact my ips are reserved class C

It's a desktop, behind a firewall. 

> usually if you have a machine on a lan, behind a router/firewall of
> some kind, you just change the "gateway" portion of a simple iface
> specification, or if running dhcp, just ifdown/up it to get new
> addresses from the dhcp server. 
Yes. This is what I'm going to do. Byte the bullet so to speak and just
change the gateway line with an editor. We'll see what happens, although
I don't like trial and error. Having googled my finger off, I now know
that there are only three files involved: etc/hosts,
etc/network/interfaces and etc/network/options. I still don't know how
the file got configured in the first place though.

Thanks for your help,


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