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Re: How to set up WPA wireless networking

On Fri, 22 Dec 2006 01:07:35, H.S. wrote:

> Why don't you try the nm-applet? If you have network-manager ( with
> network-manager-gnome and/or network-manager-kde) installed, nm-applet
> helps you connect to any availabe network. You can give your WEP or WPA
> passphrases while connecting. I guess you also have to have wpa_supplicant
> installed. I have this working in a Ubuntu laptop.

I did try network-manager briefly, but (a) dbus wouldn't allow me to run 
knetworkmanager as a normal user, even after adding my user to the netdev 
group and re-logging in, (b) when I ran it as root so I could try it out, it 
refused to stay connected to the network and instead dropped the connection 
after a few minutes, and (c) I would really prefer networking to be available 
at boot time as opposed to after I log in so e.g. ntpd can start up at boot 
Daniel Schepler

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