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default firewall/IDS that comes with DEBIAN


Another newbiew question...

While browsing my auth.log file, I notice 'many' denial attacks.


Dec 17 12:25:37 h-66-166-247-242 sshd[21409]: Illegal user sara from
Dec 17 12:25:39 h-66-166-247-242 sshd[21412]: Illegal user robert from
Dec 17 12:25:41 h-66-166-247-242 sshd[21415]: Illegal user richard from
Dec 17 12:25:43 h-66-166-247-242 sshd[21418]: Illegal user party from
Dec 17 12:25:45 h-66-166-247-242 sshd[21420]: Illegal user amanda from
Dec 17 12:25:46 h-66-166-247-242 sshd[21423]: Illegal user rpm from
Dec 17 12:25:48 h-66-166-247-242 sshd[21426]: Illegal user operator from
Dec 17 12:25:50 h-66-166-247-242 sshd[21428]: Illegal user sgi from
Dec 17 12:25:54 h-66-166-247-242 sshd[21434]: Illegal user users from
Dec 17 12:25:56 h-66-166-247-242 sshd[21437]: Illegal user admins from
Dec 17 12:25:58 h-66-166-247-242 sshd[21439]: Illegal user admins from
Dec 17 12:26:08 h-66-166-247-242 sshd[21453]: Illegal user shutdown from

What default firewall/IDS does Debian come with following an initial install?

Note: during install I selected all major components and did not include any additional packages wile installer was running aptitude.

Thx Attila

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