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changing alt-tab behavior in fullscreen mode

Server : Debian, Etch, vncserver 3.3.7-13
Client : Windows, Xp, vncviewer 3.3.7

When I access the vnc session in fulscreen mode on the windows machine, the 
alt-tab is not being sent to the Debian machine. Pressing alt-tab just 
switches the windows on the Windows machine. How can I make alt-tab switch 
windows among the vnc session's windows? or is there any other shortcut to 
switch windows among the windows session?

I have read http://www.realvnc.com/faq.html, googled around, searched the 
mailing list archives but could not find any solution to this problem!

If both client, server are on the Debian's machine, then there are no problems 
with the alt-tab behavior. The issue arises only if the client is being run 
on Windows!


Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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