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Re: New User Information Request

On Wed, Dec 20, 2006 at 03:30:51PM -0700, Laura J. Portscheller wrote:
> I am very new to linux.  I have used it to a minimal extent and like it, but have no experience in system administration and all the many technical matters involved with it.  I want to install linux on my laptop and want to make sure that there are no compatibility problems with your product.  I first tried to install fedora core 6 and it would not operate properly, even with the attempts to resolve the matter by very experienced users.  I wanted to make sure that your product will be completely compatible with my computer.  I have a new HP dv9000 17 inch widescreen laptop with 2 100GB hard drives, and nvidia gforce praphics card, bluetooth, and an AMD processor.  Thanks

havving made some meager attempts to install linux on a couple older
laptops, I can say it is not easy. First stop has got to be:

you've had trouble with fc6... what sort of trouble? details on what
the problems were would help us a lot. 

also, a complete listing of the hardware would be good to. It is
likely that you could get linux installed and operating, but you will
likely *not* get all the hardware working as well as it should.


good luck.


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