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Re: BIOS upgrade

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On 12/20/06 10:38, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Am 2006-12-02 16:14:58, schrieb Douglas Tutty:
>> I've only done it once and that was on my new Asus M2N-SLI that has a
>> bios utility built right in to allow you to save the bios and update a
>> new one.  No dos required at all, just the bios image on a floppy or USB
>> stick (or on a MS partition on a hard drive).
>> However, for my friend Justin Case, I still have dos 6.3.  I used dd to
>> create floppy images and can make them whenever I need to.
>> Unfortunatly, since 6.3 isn't public domain, I can't email it to you.
>> When _does_ the licence on things like an old dos floppy expire or is it
>> like Shakespear, 100 years after IBM (its IBM dos) dies?
> There was already a juridical discusion about WfW 3.11 and Win95 on the
> Internet andm according to the US Law, the rights for software expires
> if THE manufacturer stop selling it and does not more do support for it
> (this excludes documentations, e.g. the M$ Knowledgebase)
> Which meanm you can Distribute all versions of MS-Dos and Windows up to
> Win95 freely.

*Absolutely* *NOT*.



    More importantly, copyright law still lies behind all of
    these exemptions. What this means is that you can no longer
    be sued under the DMCA for circumventing the copy protection
    on your own 5-1/4" disk or Super Famicon game cartridge in
    order to transfer the data to your computer--but copyright
    law probably still prohibits you from distributing that file
    to other people.

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