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Re: strange processor (slow on AC, normal on battery)

On Wed, 2006-12-20 at 16:08 +0100, strawks wrote:
> I have an Asus A6VA laptop (Intel Centrino, 1.8GHz Pentium-M).
> On Linux 2.6.18-3, when running on battery, the system works fine. But
> when I plug the AC adapter, the system is very slow, CPU frequency stays
> often below 40MHz. Running the following commands, CPU frequency goes up
> to 1.8GHz after ~0.5 seconde and the system runs fine :
> nice -20 bash -c "for((;;)); do echo -n; done"
> Removing the processor module (rmmod processor) solve this issue but of
> course I have no more control over CPU frequency.
> Inserting the module with max_cstate=1 also solves this issue, and I can
> change CPU frequency with cpufreq-set.
> I have installed the same kernel on 3 (one of which is a Medion with
> Centrino) other laptops and 2 desktop computers without encounting this
> behaviour.
> This problem is present since the first 2.6.17 stock kernel.
> I'm currently staying with the stock 2.6.16-2 kernel since this is the
> last working kernel on my laptop.
> Does anyone have seen the same behaviour on another laptop or desktop?
> Googling around didn't get me anything.
> Any hint would be appreciated.

Maybe a bug in the cpu frequency governor? There was a long discussion
on debian-devel in the beginning of this month about the difference
between the ondemand and the conservative governor.

Sven Arvidsson
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