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specifying an autoconf version

This seems to be a simple question but I could not find a proper way to do 
this. I am trying to install software on a old computer with gcc-2.9, two 
versions of autoconf 2.13, 2.53. The defaults point to 2.13 which is 
installed in /usr/bin .The 2.53 version is installed in some arbitrary 

Now I want to compile some software on this system which requires autoconf > 
2.50. So I would like to use autoconf 2.53 instead of the default 2.13 . What 
is the easiest way to override the default and ensure that 2.53 autoconf is 
used instead of 2.13? There seems to be no option in the configure script. Is 
there any other elegant way?


Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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