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Re: dvd a no go

On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 03:02:36PM -0500, Ed wrote:
> Running etch.  I used to be able to play dvds, but all of a sudden I 
> cannot.  They can neither be played nor mounted.  CDs work fine in 
> the same drive.  I realize it may be a hardware problem, but I wonder 
> if anyone who has experienced the same problem knows of any software 
> glitches I can check.  User is in the proper groups:

I did encounter this after I upgraded from woody to sarge (new HD and
clean install).  I used to be able to play DVDs (with mplayer) and then
in sarge, the first time I tried, I couldn't.  All this time, I had been
able to use mplayer (in sarge) to play all kinds of video from the HD.

I checked with aptitude and it turned out that libdvdcss wasn't installed.
I installed it and I can now play DVDs.  But for a while mplayer didn't
work with other video from the HD.  Then magically, it started working
again.  So, check that you have libdvdcss installed.


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