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Re: Etch vs. Sarge/bpo on FW/Router

On Monday, 18.12.2006 at 14:02 +0100, Erhard Schultchen wrote:

> Greetings,
> I am planning to upgrade our department's router/firewall running
> Debian/sarge with some fancy GBit NICs (Intel GT). From my first tests
> I noticed that the e1000 module from linux-2.6.8 does not recognize
> the new card, however KNOPPIX with a 2.6.17 does. So its time for a
> kernel upgrade...

This is exactly what I use.  I set it up last year, and it's using a
basic Sarge installation with a backported kernel.  It's a very minimal
installation other than that.

If you have NICs other than the not-recognised-by-2.6.8 ones, use one of
those to get the installation done, install the backported kernel, then
put the nice NICs in :-)

Alternatively, Etch is almost 'stable' anyway ... if you're in no hurry,
or paranoid, wait until it's officially released and do a normal Etch

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