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Re: What $TERM should be used with Debian's xterm?

On 18.12.06 13:06, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> I wonder what $TERM should be used with Debian's xterm. The default
> value is "xterm", but this may lead to clashes with other xterm
> implementations (e.g. Solaris) and "tput enacs" returns an error
> though Debian's xterm supports the ACS. Upstream recommends (or
> recommended, as this was a long time ago) to use xterm-xfree86.
> But in this case, the kbs terminfo entry has a wrong value: ^H
> instead of \177.

xterm-debian is good. however afaik supported only in debian (gentoo used to
support it, however does not already :-((()
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