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Re: Changing cable modum to ADSL modum.

Douglas Tutty wrote:
* John C <zcar@satx.rr.com> [061216 13:13]:
Hi all,

I'm looking for a simple way for a windows-only user to change a computer's network settings from a cable modem to an ADSL modem.

I was under the impression that my granddaughter, who lives hundreds of miles from me, had a cable ISP. In an attempt to educate the next generation, I've sent her a computer fully loaded and configured with Etch. I used a netinstall through my home system's router (cable modem) with a manual IP address....not DHCP.

Oooops... I was wrong, their network connnection is through a ADSL modem.

I suspect that she could make the change using the Network administration tool of the Gnome network Settings, but since I'm not familiar with ADSL or with that tool, I'd rather not have her try without some confirmation.

If not that tool, perhaps dpkg-reconfigure <something> ?

I know that on my box, the following files at least need to change. Any others?


I also suspect that I'll have to have her do a dpkg install of pppoe for the network administration tool to work. Is that true?

If you have a copy of the config still with you, why not write a shell
script that does it?  If she has install media to get the ppoe pkg
you're in luck but if not, you may have to send her all the necessary

Your shell script could then use dpkg to install ppoe (I don't know if
this is needed since I'm on dialup), and save existing files in
/var/local/backup, then copy the new config files into place.

If the only difference is that one uses static info and the other DHCP,
wouldn't changing /etc/network/interfaces do it?
This could all be tar.bz2 together and emailed to her.  She could
extract it and run your script.  You could test the functioning of your
script if you put her existing config in a chroot.

Alternatively, snailmail her a regular phone modem so you can dial into her
box and do it yourself.


I can email whatever debs are required through their primary home computer, and I like the idea of a tarball if all else fails.


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