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Re: Why multi-seat Debian Sid cannot use the stock kernel.

On Thu, Dec 14, 2006 at 07:00:35PM -0600, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
> Hi,
> Running a multiseat setup is easy with Sid/Etch because it only involves 
> plugging in the hardware (more than 1 videocard/monitor/mouse/keyboard) 
> and configuring xorg.conf + gdm.conf (both attached). It still makes 
> economic sense because the cost of the sum of those 4 things is still 
> less than the cost of a complete PC.
> However... you cannot use a stock Debian kernel, and I figured out why 
> but don't know the reason behind it.
> You will have to use USB mice because that is the only place there is 
> physical room.
> But stock kernels use initrd to load USB module usbhid for USB mouse 
> support.
> And with that X will fail with "No core pointer!"


> I welcome anybody to venture the reason for this behavior. And how do 
> you take the usbhid module out of the initrd.img of a stock Debian kernel?

well, I was surprised to find that machine is using mkinitrd (sid
box). I thought we had moved to yaird. regardless, there is a file for
mkinitrd, /etc/mkinitrd/modules that behaves just like /etc/modules,
so I imagine you could use 'blacklist usbhid' to keep it out of the
initrd. I know some similar conf exits for yaird.


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