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Re: how to mount an encrypted usb pen drive?

Shrinivasan T wrote:

My friend encrypted a usb pen drive (ScanDisk) using windows and gave me..
he told the password to me.

You need to ask your friend, most likely. I don't know
of any "standard" means to encrypt pen drives using
Windows. But that must be tempered by the fact that
I don't know all that much about Windows.

That drive has got some inbuilt software for encryption.

So, you need to get your friend to tell you how to do it,
or to unencrypt the drive. This sounds like even Windows
couldn't mount that thing and read it. He probably runs
some special driver which can find and read that thing,
and then prompt for a password. I suspect that, unless
you can get a version of that driver for Linux, you are
SOL. Or it might be a program which simply instructs the
drive to "open up".

All normal usb drives are automatically mounted in my debian box.

Of course.

My usb device is /dev/sda1.

But, this pen drive can not be accecible.
Can not mount this manually too.


How to mount an encrypted usb pen drive?

You need to get the software which knows how to instruct
the pen drive to "open up" or can unencrypt it.

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