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Re: Can't su to root after using the RC1 installer

Max Hyre wrote:
>    I've done a network install of etch (booting from
> floppies), telling debconf to ask me low-priority questions,
> and gotten locked out of root.  In the [Setup users and
> passwords] step, I'm asked ``Allow root login?''

Actually, you're asked:

  If you choose not to allow root to log in, then a user account will be
  created and given the power to become root using the 'sudo' command.

  Allow login as root?

>    I'm given no chance to specify a root password, and when
> the installation is complete, I can't get into root.  `su'
> and `sudo' both ask for a password, but I have no idea what
> it is, and <CR> doesn't do it.

As documented in sudo's man page, use your user's password.

see shy jo

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