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Re: Kernel Panic

As a install of a new kernel, I sugest you to make some "tools" beforer doing it.
A live CD is a good start.
Use a live-cd that have the same kernel/distribution that was in your machine.
If you have some live cd, boot your machine with it.
Turn to a tty, mount the original "/" of the HD in new place ("/disc" is a good place!)
mount the disc as it is in the hd etc/fstab
execut the command pivo_root to the new HD mount point.
Give a init 3 if the interfaces aren´t up.
then exec as I discribe before.

Good luck ;)

Erico Schuch

Morgan Walker escreveu:

Thing is I can’t get into a terminal to use APT, it freezes right after this errorL.




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