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Re: Debian as Firewall\Router.

I'll second the Arno recommendation posted previously. I've used it for
at least a couple of years now and I think it works great. Further, the
one or two times I had a question about its functionality, the author
was very responsive.

It doesn't have a GUI component, of which I'm aware, but as long as you
are comfortable with an editor, you should be fine.

Stef Daniels VK5HSX wrote:
> Hi There,
> 	A while ago I had a debian box used at router and adsl connection
> machine. I also had bare-bones iptables firewall, which was really
> inadequate and so I changed to IPcop. Anyway, I wish to go back to using
> Debian as a firewall and router. What I would like to know is a fairly
> comprehensive configuring GUI that I can remotely manage my firewall
> using either browser or dedicated GUI. 
> 	Any help to put me in the right direction would be much appreciated.
> The main few I have seen are: Firestarter, fwbuilder and shorewall.
> Which have people found the most efficient and easy use.
> I have visited Debian Firewall wiki http://wiki.debian.org/Firewalls

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