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Re: bulk mailer

On 2006-12-11 @ 07:50:07 (week 50) Russell L. Harris wrote:

> I need a method to email a weekly Bible study to a list of a hundred
> or so recipients.
> I found in the Debian archive a package named "libmail-bulkmail-perl".
> I installed the package and looked at the example files in
> "/usr/share/doc/libmail-bulkmail-perl", but I have been unable to
> understand how to use the package.
> "sample.cfg.file" mentions "Mail::Bulkmail", "Mail::Bulkmail::Server",
> and "Mail::Bulkmail::Dynamic".
> There appears to be no man page.  
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%
> In the Debian "oldstable" archive is package named "bulkmail"; but it
> appears to be deprecated.

Hi Russell,

A couple of years ago I had the same need. Because I couldn't find what
I needed and didn't want to run a fulblown MLM I wrote a perl script to
do it. It includes the possibility to send attachments. Maybe it is of
some use to you too.

You can download it at

Mind you, the site at hat location has not been maintained for a long
time now (I don't work there anymore) and I recently asked them to
remove those pages so don't wait too long. Hopefully I will migrate
those pages to my own server sometime soon when I can find some time.


Grx HdV

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