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Re: KQemu on Debian Testing

On Monday 11 December 2006 22:43, Mathias Brodala wrote:
> Hello David.
> David Baron, 11.12.2006 15:21:
> >> On Sun, Dec 10, 2006 at 11:15:35PM +0530, Amit Joshi wrote:
> >>> I recently installed Qemu, and later found out from the documentation
> >>> that I need to install KQemu too..for that acceleration thingy.
> >
> > Did not know this was distributed on Debian. This is, of course, stated
> > as proprietary. Less than non-free if you read his conditions.
> >
> > What needs be in sources.list to see this?
> You need testing/non-free or unstable/non-free.
> Regards, Mathias

Now, I wanna install the new Qemu (from SID)..so is there any way that apt 
will only fetch stuff related to Qemu?

Like if I add it this way..

deb <url> unstable/non-free qemu

Will it only fetch packages related to qemu??

And also, is it wise to download and install the kernel image from SID reps or 
compile it myself?

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