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Re: backup archive format saved to disk

Håkon Alstadheim wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

Peas also fall into this category. I don't know whether I could
find examples which are not related to food, but believe me, the
issue is if you ask "how many" then you want an actual count,
and anything not counted is not a "many", but rather a "much".

How much timber, how many logs.
How much water, how many litres
How much pain, how many wounds.
How much confusion, how many words, how much verbiage.

Yep. But that still doesn't show the use of "much" with a plural
noun. Hmm. "Verbiage" may be sort of a "mass noun", as is possibly

It does illustrate the "counting" aspect of the use of "many".
It is certainly true that we use "much water", and "many liters
of water". The first is *measured*, the second is *counted*.
Likewise "timber" and "logs". In fact, that is an excellent

Spanish has an interesting distinction sometimes between
masculine and femine words which are otherwise the same,
like "la radio" and "el radio". Or, more like this case,
"len~o" versus "len~a". One is a firewood log, whereas
the other is firewood.

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