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Re: postfix relay smtp authentication

Martin Fuzzey wrote:

I have been succesfully running postfix on Sarge as a local mailserver relaying all outbound mail (from multiple internal accounts) to my ISP.

However my ISP has just decided to require SMTP authentication.

I have set up SASL following the postfix documentation and the authentication phase succeeds, *however* postfix does not include the authenticated sender address in the AUTH section of the MAIL FROM message and my ISP is still refusing the message :((

...patch snipped ...

This works BUT only for a single user since the postfix version in sarge (2.1.5) doesn't implement the smtp_sender_dependent_authentication option and my ISP actually wants the correct password for each email address (not just a single one for all addresses associated with the account.

Are you sure about that? I tested a couple of weeks ago, and mail from me went through without trouble. If you are right, handling bounces for your users (and mine) might become tedious. Do you have a solution?

Anyway, to get around the whole thing you can set smarthost like so, to use the gateway for commercial customers:

relayhost = [smtp.tele2bedrift.no]

Caveat: I talked to their support-staff before setting this up, so they may have added my IP to some "allowed senders" list. I don't think so though.

The gateway for commercial customers does not require authentication when you are coming from inside their network. They run spamassassin on everything going through there, so they have managed to keep that server off most rbls.

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