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Re: Some hand holding needed

On Sunday 10 December 2006 19:53, Rob Sims wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 10, 2006 at 10:03:08AM +0000, Alan Chandler wrote:
> > I am struggling a bit with my Intel DG965SS motherboard, in getting
> > Debian unstable running properly.  What happens is that my DVD/CD-R
> > drive is on the IDE channel, and is not being recognised (disks are
> > SATA and I am accessing these fine).
> I just went through an install on a DG965WH, which uses the same
> Marvell chip.  It was a royal PITA as the CD and disk were both PATA.
>  Ended up booting the installer via the net.
> You need pata_marvell or a patch to ide_generic.  The pata_marvell
> module was added after the 2.6.19 release.
Thanks but have it solved now, following a post on the kernel mailing 

You need to do two things.

a) Create a kernel in which CONFIG_IDE_GENERIC is set to be built in, 

b) boot the kernel with all-generic-ide as a boot parameter.

When I was trying it before, CONFIG_IDE_GENERIC was set to create a 
module and this didn't work

Alan Chandler

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