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Re: Some hand holding needed

On Sun, Dec 10, 2006 at 10:03:08AM +0000, Alan Chandler wrote:
> I am struggling a bit with my Intel DG965SS motherboard, in getting 
> Debian unstable running properly.  What happens is that my DVD/CD-R 
> drive is on the IDE channel, and is not being recognised (disks are 
> SATA and I am accessing these fine).

I just went through an install on a DG965WH, which uses the same Marvell
chip.  It was a royal PITA as the CD and disk were both PATA.  Ended up
booting the installer via the net.

> I have just built (using kernel-package) a version of linux 2.6.19 - 
> because as far as I can see from the debian-release mailing list there 
> is a reluctance to push it through the system with Etch not yet 
> released, but for me its essential in that this version of the linux is 
> the first to support the Agpgart module for my motherboard and without 
> it I can't get X to run. I used the standard debian .config file and 
> all the newer devices are included as modules. In particular the piix 
> module - which is supposedly the module required to support the IDE 
> channel on this motherboard.

You need pata_marvell or a patch to ide_generic.  The pata_marvell
module was added after the 2.6.19 release.  

You can have my kernel if you like:
I compiled it with the new ata support, so all disks show up via the
SCSI layer.

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